Cookies policy

In this directive for the use of network technologies ( “Cookies Policy“) how SPEED2HOST.COM manages this site as well as the provisions in force concerning data protection is explained.

 What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that our web pages deposited on your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.. when you use this device to access our website. Cookies can recognize the user’s device when it returns to access the page. By itself, a cookie contains no personal information records. Cookies can store user settings and other information.

Can you set your browser so that you reject all cookies or warn you each time a cookie is sent. Without cookies, however, it is possible that the website can not perform certain functions or services properly.

 Time storage of cookies

Cookies can be stored on your hard disk (persistent cookies) or RAM computer memory (session cookie).

Cookie Session: these are created when you start a visit to one of our web pages and contain an individual randomly generated identification number that is assigned to your computer. These cookies become invalid and are deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Permanent cookies: when we have permission to do so, we use permanent cookies, whose validity does not expire automatically when you close the browser. These cookies are stored on your device during its period of validity or until they are deleted. Each time you visit our website, it immediately recognizes the cookie stored on your device.

 Who installs the cookie on the device?

The cookies installed on your device SPEED2HOST.COM as the operator of this website are called “first-party cookies.” Some cookies (called “third-party cookies”) are installed by other providers. First-party cookies are cookies linked to the hostname. Third-party cookies are cookies belonging to other domains. Suppose you visit our web page and we further introduce content: in this case, cookies are cookies first part and of, third party cookies.

Cookies on this website

SPEED2HOST.COM uses cookies on websites for various reasons, relating to functionality and network analysis.

 Technologies used

•    Session IDs
•    content management and navigation
•    third party cookies
•    Flash cookies
•    Google Analytics

Session IDs: our website generates session cookies necessary for the use of certain interactive features of the website. This type of cookies generates a random number that is assigned to your device to distinguish it from other visitors to our website. Session cookies are also used to optimize the functionality of our website.

Content management and navigation: the content management tool generates first-party cookies. It is in this case we use session cookies to determine possible changes in the language settings of the page and other functions.

Third party cookies: These cookies are generated by external suppliers (and not SPEED2HOST.COM). Such cookies are part of the domain of the third party and consequently only this third party can display and manage them. These third parties include, for example, TwitterAddThis, Google Maps y YouTube (, whose provisions cookies can be consulted on their websites.

Flash cookies (Local Shared Objects Flash): these “locally shared objects” are pieces of information stored on your device to those websites that use Adobe Flash.
SPEED2HOST.COM uses the YouTube Flash player to display video content. The integrated YouTube player generates and updates a Flash cookie (LSO). We do not have direct control over the use YouTube makes the data stored in this element. For more information in the data protection directives YouTube, which determines the use made of such data. Here you can access the storage configuration of Adobe Flash.


Google Analytics: This website uses Google Analytics, an analysis service Google Network Inc. ( “Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies, text files stored on your computer through which you can analyze your use of the site makes.The information generated by the cookie on the use of this website refers generally to one of Google’s servers in the US, where it is stored. Should anonymous IP option on this page is active, your IP address will first be abbreviated into one of the member countries of the European Union or any of the countries of the European Economic Area. 

Only in exceptional cases will reach a full IP address to a Google server in the US to be abbreviated there. By express indication of the operators of this website, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website and generate reports on the activities of the site and develop new products related to the use of web services and Internet for the operator of the website. 

The IP address obtained by Google Analytics in your browser during this process not be combined with other data from Google. Can you prevent the storage of cookies and indicated in your browser settings; It should be noted, however, that in that case you may not properly use the set of functions of this website. You can prevent Google Analytics to collect data by clicking on the link below, then you install a cookie that will disable future disqualification obtaining data by visiting this page: disable Google Analytics.

You can obtain general information about Google Analytics and data protection through Note that in this page is deployed Google Analytics with the line of code “gat._anonymizeIp ();” to ensure that obtaining IP addresses occurs anonymously, a process known as “IP Masking”.

Marketo: This website uses marketing automation technologies (Marketo) to collect information on visitor behavior. The collection of this data is intended to use in marketing and optimization work. Some information of visitors is recorded by an anonymous user ID and can be used to compile a profile of use. It is possible that cookies are used for this purpose.

The information obtained through technology marketing automation will not be used to determine the identity of the visitor to the page, or be combined with personal user data obtained from the IP address, unless the visitor gives its consent by completing the form Marketo provided for this purpose or give its agreement by clicking on a link received by email. Once the visitor gives his consent (providing your name, e-mail or other information), IP address and the history associated with it are combined with new information to create your profile. Only we will use this information to provide marketing information to visitors.

We do not share this information with anyone except Marketo, on whose servers the information is stored. You may at any time terminate the collection and storage for future services Marketo blocking cookies by configuring your browser.

eMarketer: This website uses marketing automation technology (eMarketeer) to compile data on visitor behavior. WEB Monitor keeps a cookie eMarketer. Cookies are small text that are stored in the local memory of the visitor’s browser. You may use these cookies to recognize a visitor’s browser. EMarketer cookie contains an arbitrary string (eg EmarketeerPing = Z3PxJgEvkY7eb2ikUDkf) and not save any identifiable information.When you visit our website, the tracking program eMarketeer sends the character string eMarketeer server located in Sweden, along with the URL of this website. These data are stored and used for marketing and optimization.

If any of your personal data (name, email address or other information) has been already sent to eMarketeer, the above mentioned character string along with this URL, you will intersect with your personal data.This information is only used to provide specific information the visitor marketing. We do not share it with anyone except eMarketeer, where it is stored. You may at any time revoke the compilation and saving data eMarketeer blocking cookies in your browser settings.

 Managing cookies on your device

To you to decide whether to allow storage of cookies. If now or later want to prevent the use of cookies, you can modify the appropriate permissions to do so in your browser. Remember, however, that if through your browser settings blocks all cookies, most likely can not use all features of our website.

For more information about the options available to delete cookies and to control how these are stored on your computer in

Modifications and customer questions

SPEED2HOST.COM constantly checks the web pages operated by SPEED2HOST.COM to know what cookies are currently used, and will announce any changes in pages that are affected by the changes.If you have questions about cookies and use SPEED2HOST.COM makes them, please direct your questions to legal.privacy @ speed2host, com. Let us know in your message your contact details and the name of the website SPEED2HOST.COM or service in question and a detailed description as possible of the question to clarify.

 Cookies categories

SPEED2HOST.COM uses different cookies, which can be subdivided into three groups: functional, statistics and advertising.

Cookies statistics: used to better understand the behavior of visitors and improve the content of SPEED2HOST.COM for visitors. If you block or delete these cookies, your data may not be used to adjust the page to your preferences.

Advertising Cookies: are used to tailor advertising that appears when you visit the page.