General Conditions


General Conditions

General Conditions


In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, below the identifying details are as follows:




TELEPHONE 617.171.582


1. Setting up new accounts


SPEED2HOST setS up new hosting accounts once he received the payment 100% corresponding to the service amount, pledging to activate hosting accounts in a minimum time of 2 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. The customer agrees to make appropriate charges before the expiration of the bill. The customer must provide an email address outside of your domain and contracted with Speed2Host themselves responsible for the veracity of the same personal data, contact and prosecutors to provide through our electronic forms at the time of contracting the service.


1.1 Transfers


The configuration of hosting accounts for customers who come from other suppliers, will be performed by personnel Speed2Host in an average time of setting new accounts stipulated in clause 1. Also, Speed2Host provide all the support and advice needed to assist with the client to make the transfer successfully, however it is not the responsibility of Speed2Host but the client, data migration, emails, etc.


Free transfer service (only .es domains are subject to the free transfer), is available during the first 15 days after contracting the service with Speed2Host.Com.


1.2 Domains


The management and administration of domains is direct and full responsibility of the customer. Speed2Host.Com not liable under any circumstances for any matter relating to the administration of a domain either nationally or internationally based on the following paragraph:


  1. Unable to record or transfer any domain Speed2Host.Com.There are domains registered with other providers and is not responsible for Speed2Host.Com be able to transfer or manage them through the client area. Speed2Host.Com’s staff will advice at all times on the processes to follow so that the customer can take advantage of tools and resources available as long as the customer requests the appropriate information in a timely manner.


  1. Expiration, cancellation and / or lack of verification email. Speed2Host.Com, is currently a RSP (Registration Service Provider) company of NetEarthOne for international domains. This company has its own guidelines based on international policies of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), therefore Speed2Host disclaims any liability attributable to the expiration or termination of any domain for any of the possible reasons; among which it includes but is not limited to: verification of incomplete email confirmation request some process via email and which no answers were obtained (see more information in section 3), cancellation of the domain in general ( see point 4). The consideration of the service or payment for the registration of a domain Speed2Host.Com not be considered under any circumstances as a guarantee of ownership of it, but as payment for brokering registration with the relevant entities. Speed2Host.Com offers domain registration service with protection of ID (identity protection) which has a higher cost and only guarantees non publication of personal information in a public WHOIS Registrant. To ensure ownership and ownership of a domain as well as the full protection of the domain to avoid any unwanted transfer and NO automated expiration date, it shall be signed a separate contract for a maximum period of 10 years with an additional charge for this service.


  1. Cancellation or elimination domain due to lack of confirmation via email. Speed2Host.Com reserves the right to cancel at any time an Internet domain if it is not confirmed or answered any email with confirmation request. This in order to ensure that each domain has a headline that is pending thereof. Speed2Host.Com may cancel and completely eliminate any domain without notice if it considers the absence of response from a customer communications via email. Before turning to the process of elimination, the domain will sleep for 15 days. Time in which the customer can see the Downtime of your domain and request the release. If at this time the client does not request Speed2Host.Com may remove the domain being completely available to anyone without this entails a responsibility for that domain to Speed2Host.Com.


  1. Cancellation of a domain. Speed2Host.Com reserves the right to remove any domain either for lack of confirmation email, inability to contact a customer using data provided when creating your account as our customer or due to any breach of use. Before removing the domain copleto it will enter into a process of suspension and disqualification for 15 days. Time in which the customer can see the Downtime of your domain and request the release. If at this time the client does not request Speed2Host.Com consider the client does not want more the domain in question and may remove the domain being completely available to anyone without this entails a responsibility for that domain to Speed2Host.Com.


  1. Disputed Domain. Speed2Host.Com has the power to initiate disputes of Spanish and international domains. No way for international domains, so any domain owner, agree that any dispute domain, before being brought to any court, should be initiated before the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), responsible for administering domains worldwide. Such dispute shall be made directly between those who think they have power or create own domain ownership, leaving completely out of the dispute Speed2Host.Com. That the dispute can make anyone based on the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy published by ICANN at the following address:


  1. Refund / Return Policy. Speed2Host.Com will not refund / return the money or fee payed for the domain registration, since as previously indicated, the service contracted with Speed2Host.Com is only the intermediary thereof. Therefore, once entered the domain in our system can be considered as the service offered by freeing ourselves from any future liability.


2. Contents


SPEED2HOST – We are responsible for the content stored on our servers (placed by our customers), however we exhortation to all our clients for the content of their websites is lawful purposes as expressed and governed by the laws US / Spanish / UK . In the case of reseller accounts, VPS and Dedicated servers, this invitation should be extended to their own customers.


The customer agrees to indemnify and to keep Speed2Host.Com outside any legal matter that may be required from the use of our services.


It should also avoid placing copyrighted content without explicit authorization thereof, this includes, but is not limited to unauthorized copying of music, books, photographs, films or other digital content unauthorized copy.


Examples of unacceptable material accounts shared hosting, vps, cloud and dedicated:


  • Scripts IRC / Bots Scripts
  • Proxy
  • Pirated Software
  • IP Scanners
  • Mail bomber 
  • Spam Scripts Services
  • Business banner rotation
  • Streaming commercial audio Sites investment (FOREX, eGold, Second life, etc) sale of controlled substances without express authorization sweepstakes or lottery sites Sites with impulses or racism, hate, etc sites for hackers targeting sites promoting legal activities
  • Mailer Pro
  • SPAM


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if the material – in our opinion – is obscene, threatening, racist, illegal or simply violates one or more points in our Legal Notice included herein. The content will be removed from our servers with or without prior notice or refund.


Under no circumstances websites harm to minors as pornography, violence, psychological harm is tolerated, etc.


Direct customers: Your services will be terminated with or without prior notice.
Distributors: the account in question will be suspended and will be notified to perform the cancellation thereof. We suggest you maintain constant monitoring because if sucita again a problem with one of its customers, derecognise its reseller with or without prior notice account.


If you have questions about the content of your site, please send an email to and we will be delighted to assist.


3. Tolerance SPAM


Will not be tolerated under any circumstances sending SPAM. The domain sending limit is 300 emails per hour, if you send a lot more than that, you probably need to communicate to provide an adequate solution  or use an external mailing / newsletter program.


If you manage email lists, you must modify the method or accelerated delivery, so one email that is sent every eight seconds, this way, you will be sending around 450 e-mails per hour, respecting and, maximum of 500 per hour.


If you do not modify the acceleration shipment, our server will try to send 300 emails in a second, which is not possible in our shared hosting, this will make our server receives a very high load and will underperform, potentially affecting all websites hosted on that server. It is the responsibility of Speed2Host.Com, keep the servers running quickly, so we will end this activity and it is likely that your account is suspended.


In case one or more of our IP addresses are blocked by sending SPAM, the customer agrees to pay damages and expenses that may be required to remove the blockage plus compensation for affected customers.


4. Payments
For the convenience of our customers, we offer 2 payment methods listed below:


Paypal or credit card (recommended)
Bank transfer / deposit (recommended)


4.1.1 Paypal or credit card.


Our automated system is linked to receive these payments, which will be authorized in real time and no waiting, thus significantly shortening waiting times for activation or re-activation of services.


4.1.2 Bank deposit.


If this method is used, it is your responsibility to confirm the deposit via a support ticket (Open support ticket) or write to mentioning the time and payment reference or the service you buyed.


4.1.3 Electronic transfer.


Our executives collection, conducts a review every three hours to our accounts, using this method is not necessary to confirm the payment, but takes longer to be detected.


4.2 Times payment


Our automated payment system facilities is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, not for payment methods mentioned in clauses 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 are available only in banking hours.


It is your responsibility, pay invoices generated before the maturity thereof or prior to the expiration of the grace period granted Speed2Host.Com and is 3 days. It is also your responsibility to check that payment has been correctly detected and otherwise notify Speed2Host.Com through a support ticket or via email to


5. Protection and Data Loss


It is your responsibility ( customer ) to protect your access accounts and / or passwords and changing them every so often (recomandable every 60 days), which Speed2Host.Com disclaims any loss of information by improper procedure by the end user. It is also the responsibility of our customers making daily backups.


As a courtesy to the service provided, we run our backup system all Sundays each week, however, no support will be kept for more than a week but every Sunday overwritten, so it is your responsibility to discharge these backups. In the case of accounts shared hosting with more than 20 GB of space used, it will not be backed up that account, yet the data will replicate to a secondary drive (RAID) that helps protect against data loss in case of failure Hard Disk.


6. Cancellations and Refunds


6.1 Cancellations made by Speed2Host.Com


Speed2Host.Com reserves the right to cancel at any time with or without notice before any contracted service that fails to comply with the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice.


Any abuse by our staff, should be reported and will result in the suspension or termination of the provision of services of our employee.


6.2 Cancellations made by our customers


Our customers are in the right to cancel at any time your service contract however there will be some of the amount paid for the service, except our promotion money back in 30 days applies only to shared hosting detailed in clause 8 return


7. Money Back Guarantee


Speed2Host.Com does not offer a money back guarantee but if some plans offer a free trial for the customer to test the environment, etc TABILITY without any compromise.


9. Guarantee time online (UpTime)


If at some point, Speed2Host.Com not meet an online time of year 99.9%, ie, if time OffLine accumulated in a year is greater than 8.5 hours, you will be given away one month of service free of charge. To validate this warranty, send the request to with the / evidence that the contracted service has been offline more than 8.5. hours.


10. Price changes
Prices are subject to change without any prior notification by Speed2Host.Com.


11. Arbitration


When you hire a service from Speed2Host.Com and in that case you have to involve a judicial authority, you must make their arbitrations within the limits of the courts of Marbella, Malaga – Spain.


12. Changes in the terms of service
Speed2Host.Com reserves the right to change at any time the terms and conditions of service with or without notice, as far as possible may be sent by email a notification.