What is an IMAP server and how to set it up?

Nowadays, knowing what is an IMAP server is and the facilities it allows you, is something that could benefit you a lot in terms of managing your organization’s email accounts.

Email is one of the main communication tools within companies and is even considered a powerful tool for digital marketing.

In fact, nowadays its use has increased to facilitate remote work. So much so that it is very difficult for anyone not to have an e-mail service.

If you want to use your email accounts more efficiently, discover what an IMAP server is and all the benefits it brings to you, then finds out all about it in this interesting article.

What is an IMAP server?

IMAP means: “Internet Message Access Protocol”.

And, its meaning in Spanish means: “Protocolo de acceso a mensajes de Internet”.

It is a method of accessing email, which makes it much easier to view the messages that arrive in your inbox wherever you are and from any device you use. 

This is possible because, with IMAP, messages do not end up being saved on the devices that are commonly used to view them and in turn create other messages.

That is to say, they are always on the server, just like when you use an email account, whether it is Gmail or Outlook.

And, despite using classic mail programs such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or any other that your mobile device may bring, IMAP can work with them perfectly. 

In which situations is IMAP recommended?

These are some of the situations where knowing what an IMAP server is and how to use it is a great advantage:

  • When you have fast Internet connections
  • You have email boxes with ample capacity
  • You need to read and write messages from different devices.
  • Protect messages from possible hacker attacks

As you can see, whether from your computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device, having this kind of service has many important benefits.

IMAP server advantages

Learning what an IMAP service is and using it in your organization is a very positive thing, not only because of the advantages we have already mentioned but also because of those listed below.


Apart from being able to access your email messages from various devices, IMAP also synchronizes them completely, meaning that the folder structure will always remain the same, regardless of the device you use.

This way, if you delete an email on your tablet or smartphone, it will also be reflected on your computer and other devices.


If your device is lost, broken, or replaced by another device, your IMAP account will remain the same and you will still be able to use it on another device.


The messages are stored on a server and not on the device as such, which translates into a reduction of the space used in the memory of your device and greater speed in the message folder. 

Among other advantages it has such as searching for specific emails by keywords; managing folders, templates, and drafts on the same server.

Including that, you can also share folders with other users, automatically download messages and even automatically update the account. 

In other words, the advantages IMAP offers you are very diverse, so encouraging you to try it is a great idea. 

Relevance of the IMAP server

IMAP has been created to efficiently manage your email accounts and make your life easier.

To do this, it allows you to create folders and subfolders in order to achieve greater order, and save messages according to the type of message, its importance, and other factors. 

Besides, with IMAP you will also be able to search or classify the messages on your own, which will facilitate the order and storage of the mails. 

This is favorable for those companies or individuals, who are interested in getting a better way to manage their email accounts and give more priority to some messages than others. 

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